Serial addicted

Recently I started watching show named “Gossip girl” and I’m already at season 4. I think I’m becoming soo possessed and addicted. Did you ever thought about how life would be if there is site like gossip girl? Or someone like “A” in show named “Pretty little liars” ? (well “A” is scary enough) . Send me some messages or leave comments with links if you know some site like that.

In my opinion best tv shows that I’m watching at the moment are:

  1. Gossip Girl (I thougt I won’t like this show cuz it is much girly but I love it now)
  2. Pretty little liars (Great show, I couldn’t get off of it at first)
  3. The100 (It becomes more fun at season 2)
  4. Stitchers (If you like crime series like CSI this one is great for you)
  5. Teen Wolf (from the beggining I loved it)
  6. The Vampire Diaries (at first I was possessed with this show)
  7. Originals ( if you like Original family from tvd you would definitely love this show)
  8. Lucifer (there is no much episodes of this show but I like it and I would like to see the rest)

And definitely there are lot more good shows on Fox, FoxLife and FoxCrime.


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