Things you need in your closet

1. Coat

In spring or autumn it is perfect to have this piece of clothes in your closet. Coats can be worn everyday and they can be worn in formal events too. So if it is cold outside and you don’t know what to wear with your dress (in man’s case suit) there is always coat that can save you.

2. Pair of converse shoes

Convers shoes became more popular in 1970s and they are still worn. Best thing about them is that you can wear them with any outfit and they will always fit in. Converse shoes are unisex so everybody can wear it.

3.Leather jacket

Leather will never be out of fashion. You can wear leather jacket whereever you go with whatever you are wearing. It is thing for everyday so if you don’t have one go now and get it!

4.Pair of sport shoes

Whether you are sport type of person or not , this should be thing that you have in your closet. Sport shoes are best for trips or long walks and even for shopping. Your feet wouldn’t hurt and you will feel free. And maybe one day you will decide to live healthy life so you will need one pair for jogging or fitness.

5.Jeans in color

I think that we all have pair of jeans in color. The jeans we have are usually black or white. It is ok to have even some bordeaux jeans because that color is “in” nowadays. But the most important colors are black and white.

6. Suit coat

This piece of clothes is good for formal events. It may stay long in closet until you need it but you will definitely be happy to have it when that day come. It is ok for men to wear coat on suit coat when it is cold.

7.Jeans Jacket

Jeans (as material) is “in” since 1873. So it is good to have pair of jeans in your closet and jacket made of jeans, and many, many pieces made of jeans because it will never be out of fashion. Jeans jacket is type of clothes that you can wear every day.

8. Boots

People who love boots wear them even in summer. It is good to have summer boots because they are really good accessori in your outfit. I  personally adore boots and they are my favorite piece of clothes.

Idea by @sinanovicena – instagram

If you have more ideas for topics contact me on instagram @ks1864



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