Spring to do list

1.Grow some plants

-Spring is starting so aren’t you excited about all the flowers that are going to make your environment more beautiful. Start planting some plants into your garden or if you don’t have garden buy flowerpots so you can plant it there and put it on your balcony or window. I already bought white gladiolus  with some mottle of red on it and I can’t wait it to grow.


2.Take out fluttering dresses from your closet

-Fashion is always very important in every segment of life because of easthetics. It is nice to see that you already took out your dresses from your closet and started wearing it. It shows that you love colors and that you are very open person and that you are always ready for everything.

3.Buy jackets

-You know that situation when you buy some things that you don’t need? Well I always buy jackets. And I don’t need them until the spring. In the spring jackets become my fashion detail. It is fun to make all kind of combinations with jackets because weather is always changing so you will probably end up wearing all types of jackets from your closet.

4.Color the world

-I personally always wear black. But it is good to make some changes in life especially in fashion. You can add some colored details in your style. But if you don’t know how to combine colors don’t use them too much. When it comes to make up it is good to wear some bright color (white, beige, color of peach).

5.Prepare for your studies

-Spring may start but your studies aren’t finished. Treat yourself with some energy cocktails and motivate yourself with some nice internet quotes.

And remember “The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you” – Coco Chanel.




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