Colors of the season


Everybody are talking about pastel colors for this season but nobody actualy talks about red. You can see red color in every store on every new season item. That means that red is popular too. So take out every red thing you have in your closet and start wearing it.


Can you remember when gray wasn’t popular? It is color between black and white so you can never be wrong about it. Whatever you wear you can add gray with it. In this season of pastel colors gray would be really good accessory.

Pastel pink

This pastel pink color is so sweet. Everything looks brighter and even warmer with it. It is really neutrally season color beacuse you can mix it with white in summer and spring, with grey and black in autumn and winter…etc. When it comes to hair pastel pink color of hair was very popular in certain time and it can be popular again.


Pastel blue

Pastel pink and pastel blue are the main colors of this pastel season. This baby blue makes everything look soft and brighter. Recently blue hair was also very popular and it was really nice trend. For me blue is always YES in whatever shade it comes.


Actually every pastel color is “in” in this season so you should try everything out.

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