5 men things every girl should have


We all have that one plus size hoodie. That piece of clothes looks damn good and it is very comfortable. So why not buying men’s hoodie if you really like wearing it instead of looking for plus size one in women’s section.



In this season T-shirts in rocker and biker style are very popular.It is also popular wearing it in bigger size. So why not buying one more item in men’s section.



Whatever type of hat are you buying you can always buy it in – guess where – men’s section. Most popular men’s hats that girls are wearing are “bean hats”. There is somehow no difference between men’s and women’s “bean hat” so people will never know on wich section did you bought it. There is also no difference between ordinary caps just try to find a nice size.



Some shoes are unisex. For example converse shoes or running shoes. Just look for your size or the size that fits you the best and you will have the shoes that you like and nobody will know they are not from women’s section.



It happens to all of us that thing that you are looking for is not what you expected to be. In this case finding the watch you like is kind of a hard thing because women’s watches are usually full of zirkons or things like that and you just want simple watch to wear. So did you ever thought about visitin man’s section?

Many things can be found there so next time when you go to store try visiting man’s section – it becomes addiction.

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