How to be organised in learning


If you don’t eat before learning everything you will think about will be food. So in order to clean your thoughts don’t be hungry. Choose the right food – there is food thtat helps you stay focused ( cereals, blueberries, dark chocolate, nuts, avocado…) Do not overeat – eat just enough.

2.Clean your desk 

Your space needs to be clean. Throw away trash and put away all the unnecessary things. On your desk needs to be  just things that you need in that moment.

3.Make a list

List always helps us in every situation. Sometimes you think that you have lot of things to do but when you make a list it doesn’t look so bad.

4.Turn off you phone

The phone is one of the main things that keeps you out of focus. So turn off your phone, try not to think about all unanswered messages. It also helps to turn it off before someone sends you message so then you can’t know if you got one.

5.Use the computer

If you really need internet information for your learning you can use your computer. BUT do not open any social networks because they will ruin your concetration. Only open the tabs that you need.


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