What is romphim – opinion

If you didn’t hear about romphim yet, now you will. 

Romphim is new type of clothing for men ( It is actually someting like romper for women.) It was designed by ACED design from Chicago and was presented on Coachella festival. The grupe started up Kickstarter campaign and they set up goal of 10.000$ to put the Romphim in production. But campaign was more than they expected, they have reached over 50.000$. 

I saw some reactions on internet and most of them were not good. Some of them said that men rompers are hilarious and definitely “no, no trend”. The pictures of “we are not romping anything this summer” are overcrowding the internet.

But there were some positive comments like “if guy want to wear romper I say he should go for it.” and like “Someone love to be unique and someone love to try out new trends, I totally support”.

When it comes to my opinion I think that it is up to guys now.  Someone love it , someone hate it and I have never been a hater. So if guy feels comfortable in it and if he likes wearing new trends this is a good thing for him. 

What do you think about #roomphim ?


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