Gardaland theme park – Tips

You have probably heard for Gardaland. It is amusement park in Castelnuovo del Garda, Italy. (Similar to Disneyland in France.) I was there three times and you just can’t get bored of it. The park is very big and it is hard to try every attraction in just one day. You should definitely go and check it out. If you have already planned going there , here are some tips.  

Rows on attractions are really big

Every attraction has board with the times of waiting written above the entry. The time is usually 30-40 minutes (on season) depends on attraction. About 40 people are included in one ride on attraction, but again it depends on attraction. If you don’t want to wait in a row you can always buy express ticket. There is special entry for express ticket and you don’t need to wait. But the price of that ticket is additional 10 euro and you can use it just for one ride on any attraction. Luckily there are chillers above the row and the time is passing very quickly.

Keep in mind everything is expensive there

Price of the sandwich is about 4-5 euro (I don’t know if that price is normal in your country) and they are not really big so you will probably stay hungry. The best option is to bring food and drinks with you in your bag. You can spend your money on pizza in Gardeland restaurant because they are selling it on normal price. Don’t pour water in toilet sink, if you want free water there are special places for doing that – there is one on cowboy side of gardaland, but keep in mind that there is always big row there.

Don’t eat a lot – or drink alcohol before attractions

If you plan to go on roller costers my advice for you is not to eat much. Many people don’t care about this tip so they throw up after the attraction. Of course advice is not to drink alcohol before attraction as well because it can bring you to the same consequences.

Seperate phone and money in special bag

If you are going with group it would be better to bring 2 or 3 bags. 2 larger bags where you can put your food and drinks and one mini bag in which you can keep your phones and money. If the whole group is going on the same attraction you can always left your bags on the entry and bring the mini bag with you. On dangerous attractions you need to keep your stuff really nearly you, because if something fall from attraction the park is not taking responsibility.

Use map – plan the route

You can take map of park in your hotel (most of the hotels have tickets and maps of Gardaland) or you can take it on the entry into the park. The map actually helps you to plan your route. The park is really big and it is hard to pass it all in one day. Once you have made the plan you can keep going. If you forget the road you can always remind yourself. Big maps are placed inside the park too.

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